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Vehicle Reverse warning system

Vehicle Reverse warning system

In construction industry maximum of incidents which occurs due to vehicle is mainly while reversing. This results in injury to human, damage to vehicles and equipment.

v  Play ahead to ''avoid reversing'' wherever possible.

v  'Reversing areas' should be planned out and clearly marked.

v  Consider employing a trained signalman / banks man, to keep the reversing area free from pedestrians and to guide drivers.
v  A signalman:

Ø  Signalman / banks man must not perform any other task or activity while undertaking signal man / banks man duties.
Ø  Will need to use a clear, fixed system of signalling.
Ø  Will need to be visible to drivers at all times.
Ø  Will need to stand in a safe position, from which to guide the reversing vehicle without being in its way.
Ø  Should wear very visible clothing, such as safety reflective jackets, and ensure that any signals are clearly seen.
Ø  Should maintain eye contact with drivers / operators at all times.

v  Reversing to be with extremely low speed

v  People who do not need to be in reversing areas should be kept well clear with the help of signalman / banks man.

v  If drivers / operators lose sight of the signalman they should know to stop the vehicle immediately.

v  Always obey the signalman / banks man. If more than one person is signalling, stop your vehicle and determine which one to obey.

v  Site layouts can be deliberate (or modified) to increase visibility for drivers and pedestrians, for example:

Ø  By increasing the area allowed for reversing.
By installing fixed mirrors in smaller areas.

v  Reducing the dangers caused by 'blind-spots':

Ø  Most vehicles already have external side-mounted and rear-view mirrors fitted. These need to be kept clean and good in condition.
Ø  If drivers cannot see behind the vehicle, they should leave their cab and check behind the vehicle before reversing.

v  Reversing Alarms can be fitted:
Ø  These should be kept in working condition
Ø  It should directly connect with gears whenever the gear coming to reverse it should start alarm.
Ø  Reversing Alarms should be loud and distinct enough that they do not become part of the background noise.
Ø  Where a reversing alarms might not stand out from the background noise, flashing warning lights can be used.
Ø  Check regularly that the reversing alarm, reversing lamps are functioning properly.

v  Where vehicles reversing up to structures / edges of excavation areas, it is must to provide barriers
/ wheel stops / wedges to warn drivers that they need to stop.

v  In case of simultaneous operation ''SIMOP'' Risk assessment to be prepared and all control measures to be implemented and monitored.

v  Training like ''Defensive driving'' should be imparted to all drivers and retaining has to be conducted periodically.

v  Display of different case study / awareness posters on reversing incident with different languages to be displayed at conspicuous locations.

v  It is important that drivers / operators do not use mobile phones, music players or any other devices while driving / Operating the machinery't that may distract the attention of drivers / operators and it should be strictly prohibited at work site.
it should be strictly prohibited at work site.

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