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What causes cancer?

What causes cancer?

What causes cancer

There is no specific factor for this. Changes in genes that regulate cell growth and death appear to be carcinogenic. Tobacco use, diets, radiation of the sun, pollution and toxic work and the environment, Lifestyle changes are thought to be responsible for this change. Such genetic mutations can also be inherited from parents. Some viruses also increase the risk of cancer. HIV, for example, hepatitis. If close relatives have cancer, inform the doctor and discuss your chances of cancer. Early signs of cancer: Symptoms vary depending on the component of cancer in the body. The following symptoms can also occur in diseases other than cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor if you have these symptoms. Sudden change in voice, persistent coughing, persistent difficulty in vocal cords, difficulty in throbbing tongue, stool or urination. (Example: persistent constipation or diarrhea) Blood in urine or stool. Tumor in the body. Pain does not occur at an early stage in cancer. Pain can only occur after it has spread. Increased body massage or warts, or weight loss without change in their color

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