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What is blood pressure?

What is blood pressure?

What is blood pressure

What is boiling blood? 

A certain amount of pressure is required for blood to pass through the body. When this pressure is high, we call it blood. How much blood pressure can it be? There are two units called systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. blood pressure, low bp, high bp 2 You should focus more on diet and lifestyle. To reduce high blood pressure, the diet must be high in potassium, magnesium and calcium. Factors that cause blood clotting As the blood ages, blood vessels lose their vitality, narrowing blood vessels and increasing blood pressure. In addition to genetics, the same diet, lack of exercise and smoking make children more susceptible to these diseases when they live in the same environment. Stress is considered the main cause of high blood pressure in today's lifestyle. Increases the risk of bleeding depending on your body weight Types of diabetes mellitus: Exercise type 1: Most people have this type of bleeding. The reason for this is still unknown. Type 2: It is caused by serum and endocrine disorders and by certain medications. This type of blood boils during pregnancy. Signs of blood transfusion: usually does not cause any symptoms. This is found when examining the body for several other reasons. However, for some people, high blood pressure can cause headaches and headaches. The effects of blood clotting include: heart attack, heart rhythm disorder, heart failure, stroke, bleeding in the brain, blood vessel diseases, kidney damage and eye damage. Treatment: blood transfusions should consult the doctor, monitor and take medications regularly. People over 40 should have a blood pressure test every six months. It is important to control the level of sugar and fat in the blood. Pregnant women should have controlled blood pressure throughout pregnancy. Diet methods: to reduce high blood pressure, the diet must be high in potassium, magnesium and calcium. These are usually added to the diet of various vegetables and fruits. 

It is better to avoid the element sodium. Cooking salt, the soda salt used in the bakery, the ajinomoto used in Chinese food is high in sodium. Therefore, avoid these. It is also advisable to avoid processed foods such as pork, pickles, sauces, tomato sauce, pizza and hamburgers. These contain a lot of salt. The exercise should be done at least 3 times a week, 20 minutes of moderate running, walking and swimming. Yoga exercises help you lose weight and increase your blood pressure. Although blood pressure is generally lower at night, blood pressure does not decrease at night only for people with blood pressure. Yoga changes this position. A series of yoga exercises reduces stress. Therefore, excessive blood pressure caused by stress is eliminated. Yoga provides relaxation and increases your chances of getting rid of stress. All yoga exercises help balance the automated nervous system and help keep blood pressure stable. Somehow the mind ... And also the body! Mental effects are also reflected in the body. One person is dehydrated, another has a stomach ulcer and another has a blood clot. When things don't go your way, your body and mind fight. Therefore, the body's metabolism intensifies and causes chronic diseases. As you continue to practice yoga, your body and mind will become calm and alert. Then there is no talk of stress. The same yoga exercises are prescribed for all diseases, such as diabetes, asthma or bleeding. The impact of the body of power manifests itself as a disease in the body. Asana exercises force the body to obtain complete vibrations and a perfect balance. Therefore, there is no possibility of disease in the body. When you are in a good mood, high blood pressure, diabetes and migraines can be easily treated.

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