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What is heart attack?

What is heart attack?

What is heart attack

The heart continues to shrink without ever stopping for a moment. Thus, blood from the heart goes to the rest of the body. The blood carries oxygen and energy to the rest of the body. Only then will the areas be in good shape. The heart is like a muscle bag. The heart also receives oxygen and nutrients from the blood that comes through it. In general, the blood vessels of the heart can function effectively in a variety of difficult situations. For some reason, when they are unable to function properly, physical disorders occur. Symptoms of chest pain: Sometimes spread to the back. The pain persists. When does it occur?: Chest pain is caused when walking too far, when walking, or when you are physically active or in pain. If you rest, the pain will lessen. Some people may have chest pains when they are out of work. This particular situation is dangerous. If you have already had chest pain and still have low back pain, you should definitely look at the body. It is important to consult a doctor for chest pain. People with chest pain are more likely to have a heart attack. If properly handled, it can prevent pain and live healthy

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