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A Productive Rant About Girder Erection

A Productive Rant About Girder Erection

Erection of precast concrete girders includes transporting, handling, erecting the girders, placing and grouting connectors, post-tensioning, placing expansion assemblies, grouting the anchor bolts and placing grout pads.

A Productive Rant About Girder Erection

Transportation of girders:

v  Before engaging the trailer / crane and the operators should undergo screening by P&M and EHS Dept.,

v  Access (road) should be in level also it should be free from undulations / potholes

v  While transporting, the girders shall be adequately fasten to avoid toppling.

v  The trailers transporting the girders shall not be overloaded.

v  Stoppers (wheel chokes) shall be placed for both front and rear tyres of trailer to prevent movement of vehicle when parked.

v  Speed limit of the vehicle to be maintain as per the site situation

Handling / Erection of girders:

v  A crane with adequate capacity shall be selected for lifting and erection work.

v  Erection scheme must be prepared by competent person.

v  Ensure no overhead line is available at erection area.

v  The ground level for parking of Crane and trailer to load girders shall be rigid and levelled.

v  The lifting tools and tackles used for lifting and placing of girders shall be of adequate strength and certified by a competent person.

v  All the lifting tools and tackles shall be colour coded and shall inspect daily.

v  Erection area should be properly barricaded to restrict the unauthorized entry. Flag man on either side of crane shall be engaged during unloading / erecting activities to ensure unauthorized entries in the unloading area.

v  It shall be ensured that the outriggers of the crane are fully extended.

v  Only authorized riggers shall give signal to the crane operator for lifting operations.

v  Girder must be lifted only at the lifting holes or hooks provided near the ends of the girders and must be kept vertical at all time, in order to prevent damage.

v  During lifting of girders, the girders are to be connected with guide rope to control the movements of girders.

v  Tandem lifting by two cranes shall be supervised by the person trained for the same.

v  The area for stacking of girders shall be rigid, level and the sleepers for supporting the girders shall be strong enough to sustain the load of girders.

v  Proper seating of girder shall be ensured during stacking and before releasing the slings from girder. Girders shall never be placed / stacked near the live roads.

v  After placing the girders it shall be adequately braced before disengaging the crane.

v  The safe means of access and egress to the working platform shall be made.

v  A lifeline shall be provided for the workers working at height and the double lanyard full body harness shall be anchored to it.

v  Work shall be carried out under the supervision of site engineer / in charge.

v  The operator’s cabin of the equipment shall be kept lock when not in use.

v  Special training and counselling should be imparted to all field staff engaged in erection of girders.

v  Before starting the night work all the arrangements shall be checked by the section in charge and EHS personnel.

v  Adequate illumination to be maintained for the night work

v  Work shall not be carried in adverse weather condition.

v  Daily inspection to be carried by EHS in charge along with site in charge before starting of each shift to check whether all the control measures which are mentioned in risk assessment and safe work method are in place.

v  Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans shall be prepared for erection work.

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