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Children with physically challenged?

Children with physically challenged?

Children with physically challenged

There is no one that has autism-deficient children. They are children of alternatives, that's all. There are many different types of body and mind. No need to label them. Different children come in different ways. Nature's works don't always come out as you think. The creative industry, fortunately, is not automated. Compared to an international athlete, you know that walking and running are flawed. Those who think they are in good mental health and who are certified as having medically normal mental health will find themselves somewhat impaired when compared to a certain intelligent man. 

If a human body is able to do all that and only you can do so, then it means that you have a certain degree of disability. But you say this is normal because there are people with similar disabilities around you. You have determined that every human being is capable of doing something, and if one is unable to do it, if you branded them, the defect is not for the child, but for this society. Those kids don’t need to be branded. Your goal may be to give those children the attention and attention they need, but that seal does more harm than good to the child. Every human being is born with different possibilities. You never know what he can accomplish. To increase the production of our factories, It is a horrific crime to label children as deciding that only machines will be used and that we disqualify some human beings. If these children were born in the tribe, the elders of the tribe would say, “By this child Only you can do it. ” They would have put the child in that kind of work. They would not have been bullied into other forms of work. If it hadn't been branded, it would have been much easier. But because you treat everyone the same way, you tell  everyone to go the same way. 

Everyone should come out in the same shape, the same degree, the same nonsense. Not many humans fit in this. Instead of branding children, they can easily see where they fit in with life. If you encourage them to do it happily, they will be fine. Although many children have come out of it successfully, this learning process has caused great pain for many of them. For most children, going to school is a tragedy. In this world, the most oppressed are children. Women will say they are crushed, but it really isn't. Children are crushed by both men and women. To say that I am crushed is to impose on them all your nonsense, feelings, philosophies, beliefs and religions. This is the biggest boom. In other words, by listening to you and expecting you, your parents gave you You put all the nonsense on the item over them. Instead of branding children, seeing where they fit in with life and encouraging them to do it happily, they will be fine. The child may not be able to run a company. But he can play a musical instrument. We need to give every child the time he needs. If one has time, patience, love, and intelligence, they should do what the child needs. A rose plant should not be grown like a coconut tree. All they need is to look after them with concern and compassion. That is no cure for them. It is a way of reforming our society. We need to adjust our lives in this way so that every man can fit into this society and live his character to the fullest.

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