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Gantry Crane Has The Answer To Everything.

Gantry Crane has the answer to Everything

Gantry crane is a type of crane which lifts object by a hoist which is fitted in a trolley and can move horizontally on a rail or pair of rails.

Gantry Crane has the answer to Everything

Precautions to be taken for operating Gantry crane :

v Make a visual check before starting the crane

v Everyone in the immediate area should be clear of the load and aware that a load is being moved. Sirens shall be used to warn the people before operating the gantry crane.

v Crane controls should be moved slowly and gradually to avoid abrupt, jerky movements of the Load.

v Slack must be removed from the sling and hoisting ropes before the load is lifted.

v Centre the crane over the load before starting the hoist to avoid swinging the load as the load is lifted.

v Crane hoisting ropes should be kept vertical. Cranes should not be used for side pulls.

v Do not make lifts beyond the rated capacity of the crane, rope slings, slings, chains, etc. the crane, tools and tackles should be certified by the competent person.

v Do not operate the crane if limit switches are out of order or if ropes show signs of defect or wear.

v Make certain that before moving the load, load slings, load chains or other load lifting devices are fully seated in the saddle of the hook.

v The load should be lifted high enough to clear all obstruction.

v A load should not be left suspended unless the operator is at the master switches or push button. Under these conditions, the load should be kept as close as possible to the floor to minimize the possibility to injury if the load should drop.

v All slings should be removed from the crane hook when not in use. Dangling hooks or cable can snag other objects when the crane is moving.

v Crane operators should not use the limit switches to stop the hoist under normal operating conditions. These are emergency devices and should not be used as controls.

v Limit switches should not be blocked, adjusted or disconnected.
v Limit switches and sensor devices should be tested at the beginning of each shift.
v In case of emergency, or during an inspection, repairing, cleaning or lubricating, a warning sign or signal should be displayed and the main switch should be locked in the off position.

v Crane should be halt in adverse weather condition.

While shutting down or Leaving the Gantry crane :

v Raise all hooks to an intermediate position.

v Spot the crane at an approved designated location.
v Ensure that all controls are in the OFF position so that the crane will not start unexpectedly.

v Make a visual check before leaving the crane.

v Ensure Wedge lock arrangement / End stoppers / Storm arrester in locked position.

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