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How to eat When to eat?

How to eat When to eat?

How to eat When to eat

Some people throw food inside the TV as they don't know what to eat. Some people have seen things that they have not seen. Such people need to know that there is a way to eat. Otherwise, diseases will one day teach. The notes here clearly state the grammar of eating! Eating Habits: The food you eat is made up of the nutrients of the land where you live. After eating this part of the land you become yourself. This is no ordinary matter. 

The biggest thing. So before eating, express your gratitude to all the forces that have made this food available to you and eat as silently as possible. Wash your face, hands and feet before and after eating. If you have turmeric and neem pellets in your stomach every morning, you will have good digestion and avoid the risk of infection from cancer. It is best to fold the feet on the floor (breathing / eating seat) and eat. Eat the food well. Each mouthful should be chewed at least 24 times. Food digestion… Digestion of food takes many stages, starting from the mouth and up to the rectum. A type of enzyme in saliva that initiates food digestion from the mouth. Food, mixed with this enzyme-rich saliva, can be dangerous, viruses, bacteria, Protects against other microorganisms, many other chemicals, radiation and toxins. If properly chewed, 40-50% of the food digestion occurs in the mouth. If the food is not chewed properly, poorly digested food can reach the stomach and cause problems for the entire body. When should you drink water? Avoid drinking water while eating. It is advisable to drink some regular water or plain water 30 minutes before meals. It is advisable to drink water 30-40 minutes after eating. Eat non-cooked, green foods first, then eat cooked foods. Wait 2 hours before going to bed after eating. The body knows about food. It is because the body itself is a food. 

So look at the  body, not with your tongue on what and how much to eat. Eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains at least once a day for a month. It is best to leave your stomach empty twice a month. It cleanses the body. Ekadasi… Traditionally, people are fasting on Ekadasi. These days have spiritual significance. When completing fasting, you should first eat foods that are easily digestible, such as papaya and porridge. Eating honey every day can do many miracles for a person. The chemical composition of honey and the blood system of humans are closely related. Honey is a great treat for people with asthma and colds. Not only is it beneficial for the heart and brain, but it can also keep the mind sharp. Very energy-efficient.

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