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How Traffic Management System Can Ease Your Pain

How Traffic Management System Can Ease Your Pain

In general we use the subject of traffic management while diverting traffic on live roads. Most of its parameters derived from “INDIAN ROADS CONGRESS (IRC)”.

How Traffic Management System Can Ease Your Pain

Traffic Management Plan:
Traffic management plan shall be made considering following aspects;
Ø Warning the road user clearly and sufficiently in advance
Ø Providing safe and clearly marked lanes for guiding users
Ø Providing adequate buffer and work zones
Ø Providing sufficient measures that control driver behavior through construction zones
Ø Providing diversion where ever necessary and obtaining permission from regulating authority

Traffic Control Zone:
Traffic control zones are divided in to the following five components;
Advance warning zone:
This is the section of road in which the road users are warned in advance about the presence of work zone/hazard and are advised for change in driving conditions/to reduce their speed. This information is conveyed through a series of traffic signs along the length of the zone like:
·        Men at Work
·        Diversion Ahead
·        Speed Limit
·        No Overtaking
·        Shift to Other Carriageway
·        Rumble Strips
·        Keep Left
Approach Transition zone:
In this section of transition zone, road users are redirected from their normal path through lateral shifting of normal pathway by strategic use of tapers or with circular curves
Tapers are created by using a series of channelizing devices and /or pavement markings

Longitudinal buffer zone :
This zone shall have adequate space between end of the lead-in taper of cones and the working space.
Lateral buffer zone :
This zone shall have sufficient width between the work space and the moving traffic
Activity Zone :
It is the section of highway where the construction activity takes place. It comprises of;
Work space :
This space is used by workers, Equipment & Material
Traffic Space:
This space is used by for the movement of construction vehicles

Buffer Space:
This Space is a lateral or longitudinal length / width that separates the normal traffic flow from work space or unsafe area and  includes some recovery space for errant vehicle. This space is not used for any work activity, storage of equipment, vehicles and material.
Terminal Transition zone :
In this zone, traffic is redirected from deviated path to their normal path and is achieved through tapering of section length or through circular curves.
Tappers are created by using a series of channelizing devices and / or pavement markings.
Work zone end :
This  is the point where last temporary traffic sign is posted to indicate the end of the work zone and normal traffic operations resumes from this point.

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