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Human body - water?

Human body - water?

Human body - water

Fluids account for nearly 70% of the body's water. There is a direct connection between the water in the body and the physical and mental health of the man. In our country, our ancestors have always insisted on drinking water and maintaining cleanliness and improved energy. If you hold water in a copper container the previous day, it will make the water much cleaner. It is very good for the liver. The water is also beneficial for overall health and energy. Clean Water… 

The water you drink should be clean. It is safe to boil enough water for 20 minutes and then  let it cool. Once it's warm, pour it into an earthen pot. You can boil some cumin in water or a little basil in warm water. Always keep the pot covered with insects, dust and other debris in the soil. When you are thirsty you should drink a little more water and drink a little more water. That excess water will help your body organs get clean. Make sure you have enough water in your body. When the body dries up or becomes excessive, the amount of sodium in the brain is reduced and the brain is swollen. In summer… drink boiling water and mineral salt. You can drink fruit juices during the day. Pumpkin Juice is cooling, calming and energizing. Suitable for drinking in the summer. Although it can be consumed in the winter, mixing it with a little honey or peppermint can reduce its cooling.

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