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Medicinal properties of custard apple?

Medicinal properties of custard apple?

Medicinal properties of custard apple

Does it seem like you should eat a sweet after a meal? Does the fear of body weight, fat, and sugar rise prevent you from eating sweet? Eat a mint instead of sweet. You will get the sweet taste, the fiber is high and the sugar content should be good. The fruit derives its name from the fact that it has an ice cream-like taste of vitamin C notes custard. Milk is rich in vitamins, protein, minerals, energy sweeteners, lipids and fiber. We need antioxidants to expel toxic substances that are harmful to our body tissues. 

Vitamin C is the body that gives you this. But this vitamin does not stay in the body much longer. So one must eat a vitamin C diet every day. This vitamin is wasted in cooked food and we can get this vitamin daily only by eating fruits. Our body needs high levels of vitamin C during this time. When our mind is over-pressed, the body is in need of vitamin C when there is an infection, surgery, smoking or drinking. At that time, a religious confectioner's hand is the chitapam. Sitap fruit increases digestive power and also cures gall bladder, vomiting, panic and dizziness. Eat a mushroom at night and have a good deep sleep. Calcium and magnesium minerals are the reason for this. They both have stress-correcting properties. These minerals, in turn, can strengthen our bones, muscles and heart. Some people eat a lot of processed foods. Some people have a habit of smoking. Some people who eat large quantities of tea and coffee. Still others have a habit of drinking. 

All of them need potassium supplements daily to prevent their effects on the body. This is because the sound cannot be stored in the body. So when you have to eat it everyday, you have to eat a mint that has a lot of this flavor! In our country, it is called Sitappam and in English it is called Custard Apple. Its name derives from the fact that it has an ice cream-like flavor called custard. The fruit is not available year-round. Tree will dry in the particular season. Pods that grow in thick branches of the densely seeded cedar tree can be harvested after growing well. They ripen after being plucked. Many people are reluctant to eat mushrooms because of its high seed content. These seeds are not only sown; You can also grow mushroom trees. Cheetah trees were first cultivated by the West Indies. Today, the tree is grown everywhere in the world to appeal to its taste and taste. It is used for making jams, jelly and ice cream and juices, as everyone loves the smell and taste of it.

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