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Medicinal properties of tomato?

Medicinal properties of tomato?
Medicinal properties of tomato

Tomatoes are an important fruit in every household's daily cooking. Though its color and flavor may have prompted it to be cooked, its price occasionally frightens us. How much tomatoes are available to the body in any town and all day? Or is it just beautiful stuff? Let's see! Ultraviolet cell rays in the skin of those who eat too much food with tomatoes Affect. Do you love beautiful, soft skin? If one is saying tomato as a tomato, you can add a lot of tomatoes in his diet. The benefits of tomatoes are so good for tomato skin care. Tomatoes help to purify the blood flowing through the body. In addition, liver damage (cirrhosis) can cause stones in the gallbladder. 

Nicotinic acid in tomatoes helps to reduce the high cholesterol that can affect the heart and to cure infections of the body. The nutrients in tomatoes are not nutrients that are present in tomatoes. It is rich in vitamin A, B, C, K, iron, phosphorus, potassium and protein. Vitamin A supplements, which are good for the eyes, are not available in foods. Similarly vitamin K supplements are rare. This vitamin helps control bleeding. Tomatoes to Prevent Cancer The most abundant ingredient in tomatoes is the nutrient called lycopene. Lycopene requires the body to eliminate toxins and fight cancer-causing tissues. This is why tomatoes are included in the diet of cancer sufferers. Don't get angry when your children ask for tomato sauce and ketchup. If you eat tomatoes, sauces and ketchup twice a week, twenty to forty percent of breast cancer can be prevented. The reason for this is lycopene. Women who eat a tomato-containing diet can prevent ovarian cancer known as the cervical cancer model. Breast Cancer, Uterine Causes, Endometrial Cancer Tomatoes help prevent respiratory and cancer. Vitamin A and Lycopene in the tomato can greatly help to prevent eyesight due to aging. Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight does not affect the skin of most eaters of tomatoes. Tomatoes There are two types of tomatoes. One is country tomato. The other is a type  of hybrid telephone. Since there are no seeds in the hybrid, you can add them to salad, juice and all foods without cooking them. The country tomatoes were packed with sour flavors and seeds. When this is cooked, the seeds should be cooked only after draining. Otherwise they may develop stones in the kidneys, especially for men. If the tomatoes are not proud, what is the price? Tomatoes in the kitchen everyday!

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