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Responsibility of parents

Responsibility of parents

Responsibility of parents

1.When your children are ready for the state election, prepare for some sacrifice.

 2.Create an environment for children to study in your home first.

3.Act according to the needs of the children.

4.Help suspects in subjects.

5.Keep track of your children's habits and friends.

6.Unnecessary habits are obstacles to his growth path. Make him understand and say this is not for our family.

7.Make friends with your children. Don't forget to mention the awesomeness of the time and the evil that comes with misbehavior.

 8.Do not forget to give your little ones gifts and compliments. There are no great gifts other than these.

 9.If your children have a habit of going to the Internet, monitor them more seriously.

10.Nowadays, all kids love playing mobile games. When your kids take your mobile, then you go in between and play the game on the mobile? That should be taken care of. This is because if you have internet access on your mobile phone, they may be able to go to the Internet and see what they don't need.

11.Ask your teachers about the ways in which your children can study, because this will help your child learn.

12.Don't ever call your children step by step. If they want to play, give them permission to play. Tell them to read after they've played. Now your child's brain is more active than ever before. They are easy to read.

13.When class 10th and eleventh are over, choose which course (group) you prefer for your child. Because reading is your child, not you.

14.Never compare your child with others.

15.Help them to do the best they can. They are sure to succeed in life.

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