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Trees to grow at home?

Trees to grow at home?

Trees to grow at home

Home gardening can cover your vegetable and fruit needs by planting them in your home's backyard and draining your kitchen and bathroom wastewater. Cultivation of drumsticks, papaya, nelly, guava, curry leaves, and acacia on one side of the garden can help their shade cover the other plants. Below are some of the easiest tree varieties to grow around the house: Drumstick - packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. Due to its high toxicity, the body's cells are kept safe. Heals arthritis, anemia and ulcers. Papaya - It is highly toxic. Vitamin T is rich in nutrition. 

Increases digestion, prevents constipation and reduces excess cholesterol in the body. Nellie - Argument, bitterness, and anger make all three of these balanced. Controls indigestion, sharpens the eyes and strengthens the heart. There is an abundance of guava-vitamin counts. It is the best medicine for muscles. Curry leaf - Helps to relieve appetite, is used as a medication for pregnant women's muscular problem. Increases hair growth and prevents the formation of hair follicles at an early age. Agathi - Creates a balance between Pitta and Hypocrisy. Acts as a poisonous drug. Vapil - softens dry skin and relieves skin itching. Gives immunity. It is an excellent antiseptic. Prandi - Good for digestion and full of calcium supplements for women. Banana - Every part of the banana has medicinal properties. Banana stem is a high fiber, potassium rich food. It also helps to remove kidney stones. Coconut - High in nutrition. Packed with fiber and minerals. Ulcer is an excellent remedy for urinary tract infections. Pomegranate - Reduces blood pressure. Prevents infection. Going tooth enamel. Greens Growing short-lived greens can be planted near the garden sidewalk. Spinach - Cures constipation and cures scabies. Spinach - Solves gas problems, ulcers, cervical problems. 

Aphid - is rich in iron and can cure anemia and hemorrhoids. Semiconductor - Relieves fever, pain, gas and body aches. Spinach - Cures gastrointestinal, oral and liver diseases. Pongangkani - Used to treat eye disorders, eye pain and tears. Coriander - cleanses the blood and sharpens the eyesight. If continued, it increases the immune cells in the blood. Balsamic - Packed with vital vitamins and minerals. Solves the stone problem that develops in the urinary tract. Sharpens the eye sight. It helps pregnant women keep their bones strong. Tawazi - Vitamin Spinach is called because it contains many different vitamins. It is used for rheumatism.

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