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Understanding The Background Of Nuclear Density Gauge

Understanding The Background Of Nuclear Density Gauge

An atomic thickness measure is a device utilized in common development. It comprises of a radiation source that emanates a coordinated light emission and a sensor that counts the received particles that are either reflected by the test material or pass through it. By figuring the level of particles that arrival to the sensor, the measure can be calibrated to measure the density and inner structure of the test material.

Atomic thickness checks are ordinarily worked in one of two modes :

Ø Direct transmission
Ø Backscatter

Health effects of radiation:

Radiation absorbed by human body will be measured in GRAY (Gy). The amount of gray absorbed by human body will depend on the source of radiation and duration of exposure to the radiation.
Exposure to radiation is classified in to two types:

Acute Exposure of Radiation: Few Gray (Gy) received in few hours which are more harmful and mainly occurs following radiation accidents.
Chronic Exposure of Radiation: Small exposures received during long durations which are less harmful and are mainly occupational type of exposures.

Note: Early effects occurs within hours/weeks & months whereas late effects occurs after years to decades

Threshold dose
Effects / Symptoms
< 0.1 Gy
No detectable effects
Above 0.1 Gy
Chromosome aberrations detectable
(used for dose estimation of exposed persons)
Above 0.5 Gy
Temporary reduction in WBC count
1 Gy
Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Headache and Lack of appetite
Time of appearance & severity Depends on dose. Within 1-24 hours Consequences
Person recovers within 1-2 days.
3 – 5 Gy
Anemia, Infection and Fever
Time of appearance 1-2 months Consequence
50% of exposed persons die within 60 days
Time of death after exposure     30-60 days
5 – 15 Gy
Damage to small intestine, Diarrhoea, Ulceration, Low blood pressure, Circulatory collapse
Consequences:           Death between 1-2 weeks
>15 Gy
Coma, Tremors, Convulsions, Fever
Time of appearance             within few hours
Consequences                      Death within <5 days

Methods to protect from radiation hazards:

Ø Persons involved in radiation activities should use dosi meter to monitor radioactive source emitting in surroundings

Ø If any of the above symptoms observed one should consult physician immediately

Ø In fabrication industry radiography test (RT) should be replaced by ultrasonic test (UT)

Ø Nucleonic gauges is one of the safest application of radiation in industry as very low activity (micro - to milli-Ci ) sources are used. Also, these sources are completely shielded

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