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What is good cooking?

What is good cooking?

What is good cooking

It has many features, such as the aroma of a food to eat, its taste and the color of its appealing food. On top of all this, health is a key aspect of our cooking. Here are some tips for wellness cooking. Before cooking .. When you see the hair in the meal, the food loses its value, no matter how delicious it is. So brush your hair before cooking. Wash hands before chopping vegetables. Wash vegetables, especially green vegetables well. After a few minutes of boiling in salted water, soften in cold water until you are satisfied that it is clean. 

This will eliminate the dust, mud and pesticides on the vegetable surface. Add any salt…? As for salt, Hinduism can be used instead of sea salt. The Hindu is available in all drugstores and organic food stores. When using Hinduism, it can protect against seasick stomach ulcers and high blood pressure. What do you need to clean everything? Keep the utensils clean. Keep the kitchen clean, rat and pest free. Your health depends on what you eat and the right food. How to eat It is important that you taste and eat what you eat. It should be healthy, even if it’s cheap. Treat your body daily. Listen carefully to what it says. There is a direct correlation between your physical activity and how much energy you expend from the food you eat. If you eat more than the energy you spend, that excess food stays fat in the body; That means your weight is starting to increase. This increases your chances of getting sick and paralyzed. Natural health benefits from fruits and vegetables cannot be obtained through nutritional supplements or supplements. Adding enough fruits and vegetables to your diet can reduce your chances of getting sick.

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