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Alcohol and medicines

Alcohol and medicines

The impact of alcohol and medicines

You risk inflicting death and heavy injury to yourself and people if you drive underneath the influence of alcohol or medication, each legal and illegitimate.

Once absorbed into your blood, alcohol enters your important organs, as well as your brain. The result's slowed reactions, dulled judgement and vision, all of that impair your ability to drive. medication have an identical result. each alcohol and medicines may increase the risks of fatigue.
At 250 micrograms per liter of breath or fifty milligrams per 100ml of blood (the current legal limit for drivers twenty years or older) you are still double as doubtless to possess a crash as a driver with a zero blood alcohol level.

Alcohol and medicines

Some of the in depth prices of drink or drug-affected driving connected crashes are:

• death and injury
• emotional
• ostracism (for the driver)
• long-term money prices
• legal charges – starting from homicide to 'over the limit' charges
• penalties – as well as imprisonment, loss of licence and/or disqualification and fines
• loss of insurance cowl.

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