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Corona Virus Precautions

Corona Virus Precautions 

Corona Virus

* Corona viruses are a group of viruses that causes disease in mammals and birds.

* causes respiratory infection to humans

* spread through infected people coughing and sneezing and by touching hands or face..

Corona Virus Precautions

Corona Virus precautions

avoid crowded places and close contact with people who are unwell or showing symptoms of illness 

Practice frequent hand washing with soap (for example, before handling food or eating after going to the toilet) 

Cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing and dispose the soiled tissue paper in the rubbish bin immediately.

Corona virus - Safety in outside

* wash hand with soap and water after touching animals and animal products

* Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

* Avoid contact with sick animals and spoiled meat

* Avoid contact with stray animals, waste and fluids in markets

Corona virus - Practice with food safety 

* use different chopping boards and kinves for raw meat and cooked food..

* wash your hand between handling raw and cooked food

Corona Virus - If infected 

* when coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissues

* Throw tissue in to closed bin immediately after use

* Clean hand with alcohol - based hand rub  or soap and water after coughing or sneezing and when caring for the sick

Corona virus - Stay healthy while travelling

* Avoid travel if you have a fever and cough

* If you have a fever , cough and difficulty breathing seek medical care early and share previous travel history with your health care provider.

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