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Tips to Encourage & Support a Child with Epilepsy?

Tips to Encourage & Support a Child with Epilepsy: 

• Learn as a good deal as you can about epilepsy.

• Discuss epilepsy openly and genuinely with your infant and assist your baby speak openly and virtually with others about epilepsy. • Avoid pronouncing things that would make your infant sense like a problem or burden. 

• Be positive. 

• Praise your infant's success. 

• Encourage sports, hobbies, and other interests. 

• Help your infant make friends. 

• Work with your child to explain epilepsy to friends, relatives, teachers, and others. 

• Continue family activities and traditions. 

• Make time for yourself with out feeling guilty. Respite lets in you to attend to yourself so you are bodily and mentally better able to care for your infant. 

• Build a support community for you and your toddler. Resources are to be had through the Epilepsy Foundation, Parent to Parent-USA, Parent Training and Information Centers and Family Voices: Family-to-Family Health Information Centers. 

• Establish routines. Routines, schedules, and shape are what hold all busy families going. 

• Have your baby take remedy at the equal time every day. 

• Involve your toddler in taking rate of her medications. 

• Make sure your infant gets enough sleep to lower the danger of seizures. • Schedule a normal time for homework.

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