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Let me know share about what we know about this novel corona virus

Corona Virus Disease 

This virus comes from the family of corona virus, which includes other viruses such as MERS and SARS. As well as the milder variance causing common cold. The medical consensus at this moment is that the novel corona virus is more transmissible.but appears less deadly than SARS. Evidence suggest hat the rate of  human to human transmission of this virus appears to be higher than that of SARS . For now, the evidence also suggests that transmission is mostly via droplets.

Corona Virus

Corona Virus Causes

What his means is that the virus is carried within droplets emitted from an infected person over a short distance. Such as when person coughs or sneezes. If these droplets come into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth of an individual directly or indirectly through hands that have come into contact with these droplets, the individual may become affected. To clarify , there is no evidence currently to suggest that the virus is airborne. There are other viruses such as the chickenpox, which can easily be transported via air, via air currents and do not require droplets to contact the eyes or nose. The noval corona virus is not in this category of viruses. The noval cornavirus could also transmits through surface contact 

Corona virus symptoms in humans

Let me explain. when a person sneezes or cough, the droplets fall onto the surfaces of table and chairs and the virus may remain alive for upto  few days. when someone else touches the surfaces of these tables and chairs the virus can be transferred through his hands , and if he then rubs his eyes or nose without washing his hands, he may become affected. So we should wash our hands. This is also why we only quarantine the close contacts of confirmed cases. For more transient contacts, such as individuals that the confirmed cases may have walked past in malls or hotels, the Risk of transmission is low . For corona virus, generally, the person is most infectious when he is displaying symptoms, or what you call symptomatic, and this is likely to be the case for the novel corona virus as well . There is evidence of limited spread from a person without symptoms during the incubation period. However , this form of transmission may be uncommon ad have so far involved isolated cases only. At this point, the evidence still points towards higher transmissible when the person is displaying symptoms. 

Corona virus symptoms

As such , medical professionals advised that the most effective way that we can protect ourselves is to practice good personal hygiene. We should regularly wash our hands with soap and water and avoid touching our face with our hands. These may sound simple, but actually they are very difficult to do  because all of us touch our faces all the time. Even at the meeting , when we have on this ministry Tack force, So it is simple , but extremely difficult but is actually very effective in preventing all kinds of infection. Potential infection from as a symptomatic person, in fact is less likely to be from coughing or sneezing directly. Because they don't have symptoms, they are not sneezing or coughing, But more likely by touching contaminated surfaces,for which masks offer no protection. Wearing a mask when we are well, often gives us a false sense of security instead. And we are more likely to touch our faces, when we constantly adjust our masks, which is one way the disease spreads . At the same time , we need to protect others. Our loved ones, friends , colleagues.

If we are sick, we should rest and recover at home, as far as possible.

Corona virus Treatment

To date there is no specific antiviral treatment or medical recommended to prevent or treat the novel corona virus. Antibiotics do not work against viruses, they only work on bacterial infection. The novel corona virus is a virus and therefore, antibiotics should not be used as a means of prevention or treatment.

There is currently no vaccine to protect against COVID-19.

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