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Safety Quiz competition Questions


1. Which association runs WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY?
             a)      United Nations Human Environment (UNHE)
             b)      United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
             c)       United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)

2. What is the Theme of “World Environment Day” 2015?
       a) Think.Eat.Save.
       b) 'Small Islands and Climate Change',
       c) Seven Billion Dreams; One Planet; Consume with Care' '

3. World Earth day is celebrated on:
             a)      Mar 04
             b)      Apr 04
             c)       Apr 22
             d)      Jun 05

4. Which ISO represent environmental management system?
             a)      ISO 9001: 2008
             b)      ISO 14001: 2004
             c)       OHSAS 18001: 2007

5. What is the expansion of EIA?
            a)      Environmental Industrial 
            b)      Environmental Impact Assessment
            c)       Environment and Impact Activities

6. How many trees can be saved by recycling one ton paper?
a)      17 trees
b)      15 trees
c)       19 tress
7. When was the ozone layer hole over the Antarctic discovered?
a)      1961
b)      1985
c)       1977

8. Which day is called as the international day for the preservation of ozone layer?
             a) Jun 05
      b)  Sep 16
              c)  Nov 04

9. The longest rain forest in the world
a)      Amazon
b)      Congo forest
c)       Taiga forest

10.  In which year was the first world environmental day celebrated?
a)      1973
b)      1974
c)       1972

11. World Environment Day” is celebrated on
a)      1st January
b)      14th February
c)      5th June
d)      1st December

12. Dust Generation due to:-
             a)  Wind and Vehicular movement.
             b)  Operation of the stone crushers
             c)   Drilling and blasting operation.
             d)   Borrowing of Earth.
             e)   All of the above.

13.   What is the Concentration of Volume (%) of Carbon Dioxide in Air Composition?
 a)  20.95
 b)  78.05
 c)   0.03
 d)   0.00005
 e)   None of the above.

  14. NAAQS Stands for: - NATIONAL _________ AIR QUALITY STANDRADS.
  c)   ATOMIC
  d)   None of the above

15. The Forest (Conservation) Act,________ of Government Of India, restricts Deservation of forest or use of any forestland coming under the preview of forest act non- forest purpose.
a.      1980                                    b. 1981                           c. 1982
   d. None of the above

16. SPM stands for:-
   a) Suspended Particulate Matter.
   b) Silent Particular Matters.
   c) Silent Particular Material
   d) None of the above

17. Welders Flash is caused by
a)      Gamma Radiation
b)      Alfa Radiation
c)      UV Radiation
d)      All of the above

18. What is the Safe Limit of Oxygen at a location where works to be carried out?
             a) 18    to 22
             b) 18.5 to 22.5
             c) 19    to 23
             d) 19.5 to 23.5

19. Maximum ________ Volt supply is recommended while working in a confined space:
            a) 24 volt                    b) 20 volt                     c) 220 volt                   d) 440 volt
20. Which is the environment protection act?
           a) 1986                           b) 1983                                   c) 1992

21. CPCB stands for ________________.
         a) Crew Procedures Control Board 
         b) Current Protocols in Cell Biology
         c) Central Pollution Control Board

22. As per CPCB Standard: Day time noise level _______, Night time noise level -----------
         a) <75, <70
         b) <80, <60
         c) <85, <80

23. EHS stands for _______?

          a) Environmental Health & Safety

          b) Ensuring Health & Safety

          c) Emphasis Health & Safety

24. Human beings can hear sounds ranging from ________  to _________

a)      20 Hz     to  2000  Hz
b)      20 KHz  to  2000 KHz
c)       20 Hz     to  20,000  Hz
d)      20 KHz  to  20,000  KHz

25. What you will do to save the Environment?
           a) Plant more trees and save Water
           b) Burn the forest
           c) Waste water and exploit natural resources

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